From a stream of experimentation comes the first body of work, The Polka Square. Colorful and fun, a good place to begin an artist's journey.

It’s Springtime. Organic curves are growing out of control, spurting colors everywhere, threatening picture harmony. Being an opposing visual element, the mechanical squares come out to the rescue. They must seduce and tame the exuberant curves. But how do they attract the attention of something already so colorful? By Polka Squaring, of course, a simple dance to show off their wholesome squareness and dazzles a different kind of color. The color of material riches – gold, silver and copper.

Opposite attracts. The squares’ only hope is to score and bring back visual harmony, and set the stage for the next generation – future bodies of work with theme in male beauty, nature and biology.

Notes:  The squares are painted metallic and gilded metal leafs. They're dynamic according to lighting and viewing angle. This doesn't reflect here in a still image.

At the core of the Polka Square is a set of opposites. The curve and the square; nature and material; playful child-like surface and sexual innuendo. A box within a box, square within square. They mirror the artist's very identity. The artist constantly performs a balancing act, tip-toeing between opposing cultures and personalities to find his brand of existence.

This collection debuted at TOAF - Toronto Outdoor Art Fair's 60th Anniversary Edition, 2021.